• Waxing

    Waxing has a reputation of being painful and is often shown on TV and in Movies as being terrifying. This is untrue and is a fast and effective way to be hair free for a few weeks. So if you are holidays in the local area or planning a foreign holiday then I can look after your waxing needs. I have years of experience with all skin types and hair removal shouldn't be a scary movie!  I provide a full waxing service in the privacy of your own home and can provide the following :  Leg Half Leg Under Arm Bikini line Brazilian Hollywood Lip waxing Chin waxing Contact Dina for an Appointment Today Read More
  • Pedicure

    Best Pedicure ! A really good pedicure is one of the secrets to enjoying life and is not just about a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. Sit back and prepare to be spoiled as Dina's years of experience transform tired winter warn feet into Summer Stunners ! The Pedicure treatment consists of soak in a warm energising bath of lime & Ginger, then exfoliation massage, cuticles removed, hard skin removed and toe nails clipped and shaped. The treatment takes approx 45 minutes. Contact Dina today for an Appointment.    Read More
  • Manicure

    Treat your hands to a luxurious manicure and delight in allowing an experience beautician take care of your hands in the comfort of your own home ! Contact Dina today for an Appointment Read More
  • Eye Care

    Eyelash tinting is a really good option for women who have a busy lifestyles, as you can now wake up looking like you already have make-up on. I can combine Eyelash tinting with an eyebrow shape and it will give your eyes lift, definition and really fresh look. Eyelash Tint Eyebrow Shaping and Tint Eyebrow Waxing Contact Dina today for an Appointment. Read More
  • Gel Nails

    Gel Nails used to be called Nail Extensions, but now are commonly known as the famous "Gel Nails" and are a great solution for people who have week nails, bite their nails or have a broken nail. I use a combination of Hard and Soft Gels to construct a nail and then they are cured under a UV lamp to give them a robust finish. Treatment time can take up to 1.5 hours and comes with a manicure. Contact Dina today for an appointment.  Read More
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